Geist Park: A Hidden Hamilton County Oasis

GeistParkBridgeFCFOne of the best things about central Indiana is the collection of park systems. My family has had the fortune to experience many of them, and last week, we stumbled upon a new one we didn’t even know existed. We were in the Geist area for field trip, and on the way home, we saw Geist Park. It was a beautiful spring day, so we got out to explore.

Geist Park is the perfect combination of nature meets man. This Hamilton County park property is located on Florida Road, just south of 113th Street. The playground is great for school aged kids, and there’s a picnic shelter with restrooms close by. There’s a grassy field, a cluster of tall trees, and a path that leads to the banks of Fall Creek. Several casual fishermen were out the day of our visit. Bird-watching is also popular at this park. There’s a path that goes along Fall Creek and leads to a canoe launch and then into the woods a bit, and arrives a small boardwalk. It’s a peaceful place for a picnic, and even a small campfire. There are two campfire pits along Fall Creek that look like they’re very popular. As we were leaving, a group of Brownies was arriving to bridge over into Juniors, conveniently using the bridge a the park for the ceremony.

GeistPark Shelter FCFGeist Park is a nice escape from city or suburban life. It’s great for ¬†fishing, canoeing, and birdwatching. It’s perfect for a picnic on a blanket, or at a picnic table(No time to pack a picnic? There are plenty of snacks to be found at 116th Street and Olio Rd). The campfire pits can make a summer’s night last even longer. It’s easy to get to, but far enough away from everything to truly be an escape.