The Beauty Bar at Geist Serves Up Relaxation

#Geist #Indiana – Geist residents are now able to enjoy a beauty salon with a twist. The Beauty Bar at Geist opened earlier this summer, and it’s the first of its kind in the Indianapolis area. The focus at the Beauty Bar is two-fold. First and foremost, it’s a hair salon and spa. Secondly, it’s a bar for it’s salon and spa patrons. Located in the Geist Marina, it’s the perfect way for patrons to enjoy some down time close to home.

beauty-bar-lobby__FCFI was able to visit the Beauty Bar late Saturday morning, and it was the perfect way to start my holiday weekend. As Jo, my nail tech, went to work on removing my gel manicure (not an easy task), I was brought a drink menu. I ordered a mimosa and it appeared just a minute later. My manicure included a hand massage, as well a hot towel service, both of which are a nice addition to the typical manicure.

Nails are done at a long counter rather than individual stations at a traditional salon. This makes it a perfect setup for girlfriends to enjoy manicures together. Rather than dinner and drinks, I’m going to suggest to my friends we try nails and drinks the next time we get together. During my solo visit, mothers and daughters were paired together in the pedicure room, enjoying the pedicure, the champagne and each other’s company. My manicure included a hand massage, as well was hot towels.


treatment-room-table__FCFIn addition to a variety of nail treatments, the Beauty Bar offers a host of other spa services. There’s a pedicure room lined up with treatment chairs. There’s also a room for waxing and facials, as well as a room for bodywork. Upstairs is the hair salon portion of the business. While the downstairs has newly been remodeled into the Beauty Bar concept this summer, the upstairs has been in business for twenty years.

aesthtics-room__FCFThe atmosphere at the Beauty Bar is friendly and laid back. It’s very feminine and elegant, but not so formal that patrons feel like they need to get dressed up to get their nails done. Despite the liquor license, the Beauty Bar does offer services to clients under 21, just not alcohol. They offer flexible appointments, a wide ranges of services, and a lovely drink menu.