Geist Reservoir

Geist Reservoir is located on the northeast side of Indianapolis and reaches Fishers, Lawrence, Fortville, and even McCordsville. It is the second largest artificial lake in Indiana, spanning 1,900 acres, 3 counties (Marion, Hamilton, and Hancock), 3 school districts and 5 different ZIP codes.

Geist lake homes, in particular, are among the most sought-after homes in all of Central Indiana, and a magnet for the affluent and wealthy. The Geist Marina is the epicenter of weekend activity at the reservoir, particularly in the summer, with boaters flocking to the waters to experience what is an uncommon pastime for most residents of Indiana.

geist-marina-signGeist Marina Sign at Entrance

photo-of-boats-docked-at-geist-marinaPhoto of Boats Docked at Geist Marina

boats-and-bellavita-restaurant-at-geist-marinaBoats Docked with BellaVita Restaurant in the Distance

boaters-at-geistPeople Enjoying a Boat Ride at Geist Lake

boats-at-geist-marinaView of Geist Marina as Seen from the Patio Area of BellaVita Restaurant

home-at-geist-reservoirLakeside Home at Geist Reservoir

boats-are-docked-at-geist-marinaMore Boats at Geist Marina

photo-of-jet-skiers-on-geist-reservoirJet Skiers on Geist Reservoir

sailboat-docked-at-geist-reservoirA Sailboat Docked at Geist Marina

homes-in-distance-at-geist-reservoirLake Homes in the Distance at Geist Reservoir

woman-in-bikini-on-boat-at-geist-marinaWoman in Bikini Sun Bathes upon a Boat at Geist Reservoir

lake-homes-in-the-distance-at-geist-lakeHomes in the Distance at Geist Reservoir

sailboats-on-geist-reservoirSailboats on Geist Reservoir

walking-on-dock-at-geist-marinaWalking on a Dock at Geist Marina

sailboat--on-geist-reservoirA Sailboat Sails on Geist Lake

boaters--on-geist-reservoirA Speed Boat on Geist Lake